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Green living walls

City Plantscaping specializes in Designing, Installation and Maintenance of custom living green plant walls. We can help you with site evaluation, design concept drawings, custom CAD drawings, plant selections, planting plans and installation.

Green walls
City Plantscaping creates the perfect living wall and green wall systems designed to fit your interior green wall needs.
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We are your Green Wall experts and certified in all phases of living wall development.

City Plantscaping can help you with:

  • Green Living Wall Design

  • Green Wall Consultation

  • We have a team of tradesman experienced in Living green wall Installations.

  • Green Living Wall Maintenance

Vertical Gardens & Living Green walls

A special form of art, living green walls provide more than just attractive foliage to fill that empty back wall in the lobby or replace the out-of-date art pieces in the banquet room. Living green walls are stunning, efficient, and maintenance-friendly. Lush, vibrant and creative, living green walls transform rooms and provide striking first impressions. The walls benefit the viewers as well as the environment. Designs include tropical plants, mosses, exotic flowering plants, and even vegetables and herbs! Think about having fresh herbs and vegetables to supplement your dishes!

City Plantscaping designs, installs and maintains custom vertical gardens for the indoors and outdoors. 


Next generation green wall technology.


City Plantscaping uses the VERSA WALL® it is primarily used for interior applications. VERSA WALL® is user-friendly, easy to install and maintain due to the flexibility of 4″ (10 cm) pots that can be placed directly into the VERSA WALL® Tray without any ‘re-potting’. In addition, VERSA WALL® remains beautiful year-round as plants are interchangeable according to season.



Offering you peace of mind, City Plantscaping provides one-stop service and support from a team of skilled professionals. Under our City Plantscaping maintenance agreement, each Green Wall is covered with a plant replacement guarantee.

Hardware Coverage

5-year warranty on hard materials and

2-year on irrigation components.


We also offer more affordable pre built green living walls.

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Call us today or contact us online to set up an appointment with a design consultant to receive a free consultation.

Living Art
Living Green Wall ambient energy
Green wall at Liberty Media HQ
Dual Brand Hotel Green Wall
SendGrid Plant wall
Denver Tech Center living wall
Urban egg green wall
Pre-made living wall
Plant wall art
CSU Laurel village reduced 1
Guard & Grace Living green wall
pre-made green wall
Weather Nation green wall
Lafayette Colorado green wall
CSU plant wall
CSU Laurel village reduced 2
Plant wall
Lakewood law office plant wall
Denver restaurant green wall
Guarantee bank building living wall
Small plant wall
Centura Health HQ Green wall
Colorado Springs Plant Wall
Green wall portfolio
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