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Moss walls

Moss walls can fit in any space under conditions where a living wall isn’t feasible. Our moss walls are created from a natural lichen. After harvesting, from sustainable sources, our moss is stabilized and undergoes anti-static treatment to avoid the capture of dust. Moss walls are also a more affordable option and require little maintenance. For those who want to have their living wall without any maintenance our moss walls can be an option

Moss walls

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Moss wall
Moss wall frame
Colorado moss wall
Boulder Colorado Moss wall
Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.37.16 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.37.02 PM
Root Down Moss wall
Denver moss wall
Moss wall portfolio

City Plantscaping Provides Pre-made MOSSART panels made with 100% natural preserved moss. Mossart products are no longer living and do not require any maintenance, trimming, nor watering.


  • Air humidity should be above 30% (Moss may dry under 30% and may need to be replenished on a regular basis.

  • No Maintenance, no watering and no light required

  • never spray water and avoid direct sunlight

  •  Natural texture is preserved and long lasting

Moss wall panel Installation

Reindeer Moss

Our Reindeer moss is our most popular moss for both large and small applications and is available in the following colors:

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