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Indoor Office Plant Sales and Leasing
office plant service

You can either Lease or purchase your indoor office plants and with our guaranteed plant care service, we will replace any of your plants that decline in appearance at no extra cost to you.

Guaranteed indoor Plant Maintenance

Keeping our clients’ plants healthy and beautiful is the purpose of City Plantscaping guaranteed plant maintenance. We have mastered the complexities of interior horticulture so that you can enjoy your interior plants year after year.  City Plantscaping's horticultural experts have years of experience caring for indoor plants in various environments. They understand how light and other environments variables affect plants requirements for water and fertilizer. And they know the specialized needs of the full range of interior plant varieties. While you enjoy the results, a well-trained, City Plantscaping's horticulturist provides complete care for your plants. In the event the appearance of any of the plants decline, we will replace them at no additional cost. 

Call us today or contact us online to set up an appointment with a design consultant to receive a free consultation.

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