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What is a Green wall?

A Green Wall is a living wall of plants. The Green Wall system is a life support system for the

plants. It is comprised of an irrigation system, a support structure to hold the plants vertically, a

drainage system and a fertilizer system.

What are the benefits of green living walls?

  • Branding

  • WOW Factor

  • Cleaner Air

  • Noise Reduction

  • Employee Morale

  • Added Productivity

  • Calming Influence


Why use a green wall for branding?


Green Walls have significant customer impact. Green Walls add a lot of value to a building and enhance the building lobby, some say that they are more valuable than a piece of art. Customers are amazed that the wall itself is real and are in awe of how it is put together and thriving! They act as talking pieces and are used extensively in press articles and reviews. Most importantly, a Green Wall speaks for itself. If a customer questions your Green initiatives, just walk over to the Green Wall to start the discussion. As such a Green Wall provides a tremendous return on investment.


How much does a green wall clean the air?

Indoor Green Walls significantly improve indoor air quality and remove harmful VOC’s. Just 50 sqft of Green Wall can consume as much CO2 as a 14’ high tree in a year! As much as one pound of dust can be removed from the air per square foot per year! No matter which way you look at it, a Green Wall can significantly improve your indoor environment for years to come.

What plants can you use?

For indoor green walls we use tropical plants because they are able to thrive in a interior climate.

What are the maintenance requirements?

City Plantscaping requires maintenance on all of its walls for the first year. Only through proper maintenance will your Green Wall be a beautiful and long-lasting piece of art. Another key requirement for the success of your interior green wall is lighting. Installing adequate lighting to provide the appropriate light levels will enable your plants to thrive in less than natural conditions.

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