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Excellence in interior landscaping is never accidental, but by design. Used effectively, interior plants can accents, provide a focal point, screen, direct traffic, define space, project a public image, create a feeling of comfort and well-being, and clean the air of indoor pollution. From answering a quick question on plant location and lighting to preparing a complete planting design for a interior landscape. City Plantscaping, designers are ready to assist you with your interior plant plans. Budgeting. We provide accurate cost estimates for both the installation and long-term maintenance of alternative design solutions. Because we are experts, we can help you get the most for your money. Supervision. Designs are implemented with a carefully supervised installation. The eyes of a trained professional are there to spot the small adjustments that may be needed to fully realize a beautiful final design.

Interior Plantscaping Design
Green wall construction


Includes complete shop drawings followed by green wall plant design.



Setup includes material fabrication, plant acquisition, (shipping to the nursery, and planting plants into the panels or containers for Pro Wall and Basic Wall.

Hard Material Install

Hard materials include backing or framing, trim, irrigation equipment, lighting, etc. Anything required to be in place to keep the plants alive once they arrive.


Plant Installation

Plants are only delivered after plumbing (and in the case of interior, lighting) has bend installed without a chance of interruption and after any dusty work has finished.

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