Interior Plantscaping Design


Excellence in interior landscaping is never accidental, but by design. Used effectively, interior plants can accents, provide a focal point, screen, direct traffic, define space, project a public image, create a feeling of comfort and well-being, and clean the air of indoor pollution. From answering a quick question on plant location and lighting to preparing a complete planting design for a interior landscape. City Plantscaping, designers are ready to assist you with your interior plant plans. Budgeting. We provide accurate cost estimates for both the installation and long-term maintenance of alternative design solutions. Because we are experts, we can help you get the most for your money. Supervision. Designs are implemented with a carefully supervised installation. The eyes of a trained professional are there to spot the small adjustments that may be needed to fully realize a beautiful final design.



Guaranteed indoor Plant Maintenance


Keeping our clients’ plants healthy and beautiful is the purpose of City Plantscaping guaranteed plant maintenance. We have mastered the complexities of interior horticulture so that you can enjoy your interior plants year after year.  City Plantscaping's horticultural experts have years of experience caring for indoor plants in various environments. They understand how light and other environments variables affect plants requirements for water and fertilizer. And they know the specialized needs of the full range of interior plant varieties. While you enjoy the results, a well-trained, City Plantscaping's horticulturist provides complete care for your plants. In the event the appearance of any of the plants decline, we will replace them at no additional cost. 


Green Roof and or Wall Maintenance


We provide custom maintenance programs for your green roof and or wall to keep them healthy for many years to come.


Indoor Plant Sales and Leasing


You can either Lease or purchase your indoor plants and with our guaranteed plant care service, we will replace any of your plants that decline in appearance at no extra cost to you.


Short-Term Plant Rentals


Short-Term plant rentals are designed to add the warmth and appeal of greenery to a special event. Carefully selected plants and planters can change a sterile meeting space by creating a totally new ambiance.



Flowering Plant Rotations


Flowering plants and custom designed arrangements bring special vitality to an interior landscape. Chrysanthemums, Azaleas, and kalanchoes or exotic, long lasting Bromeliads can frame or accent an entrance or an atrium. Fresh flowers can add a gracious note to reception areas or executive offices.