Solid Bamboo Planters

Bamboo is one of the most rapidly growing plants on Earth. It is a grass, not a wood, making it a non-timber, non-fossil fuel resource. And while hardwood forests can take 20-25 years to mature, bamboo forests mature 4-6 years after being harvested.
This is why the U.S. Green Building Council has designated bamboo as a rapidly renewable material. Our solid bamboo planters therefore qualify for LEED® credit under MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials*.
Bamboo plant containers
Post-Consumer Recycled Material

ASI Phoenix Containers Contributing towards LEED® Credit
THE POST-CONSUMER ASI ALTERNATIVE PHOENIX! contains more than 80% post-consumer recycled material...Contributing towards LEED® Credit. Offered in 41 Low VOC Finishes.
Plant containers made from recycled materialGreen Plants for Green BuildingsU.S. Green Building Council
Continuing Education Opportunities

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Reduce absenteeism.
Increase tenant occupancy and retention.
Affect productivity and satisfaction.
Improve indoor air quality.
Increase retail spending.
Reflect holidays and the changing seasons.
Soften less attractive building features.
Direct pedestrian traffic.
Make a design statement.
It is increasingly well documented that biophilic elements such as green plants in buildings have measurable benefits on productivity, emotional well-being, stress reduction, and improved learning and healing. Learn how to take advantage of mankind’s inherent biophilia and enhance the health and productivity of your building.